5 Soul Tips for New Entrepeneurs

There are so many business owners out there these days that care so much about making profits that they end up missing out living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Starting a business is great, but a business focused solely on maximizing profits is a recipe for anxiety and depression. Think about the constant fatigue of … Continue reading 5 Soul Tips for New Entrepeneurs

Thoughts on Christian Businesses

Have you ever seen a "Christian" mechanic shop? A Christian grocery store? A Christian construction or landscaping company? Does it bother you a little bit? I consider myself a Christian, and it bothers me. It bothers me for several reasons. I'll lay them out one by one. 1. Christians Are Sinners Just Like Everyone Else- … Continue reading Thoughts on Christian Businesses

6 Tips for a more Peaceful Christmas

Christmas was originally a time in which businesses shut down so that people could spend time with their friends and families. All of the hustle and bustle of businesses were temporarily shut down for the holidays. Today, the opposite has happened. Due to various factors, primarily making gift giving the primary focus of Christmas, the hustle … Continue reading 6 Tips for a more Peaceful Christmas