We’re on the Same Level, We’re In This Together

This afternoon, I was speaking with one of my best friends who is going through a really hard time. After I spoke with her, I sensed that something was wrong within myself and how I was speaking to her. I was hiding much of my own sins and struggles, and I was acting as though God had already helped me out–as though I was at some other level than her. I told her that God was going to help her out as though I didn’t also need that same help from God myself.

I think what’s wrong with the way I spoke to her is that I was speaking to her as though I’m not at her level, in the pain and darkness with her, as though I don’t have problems that I still need help with. The truth is that I am in the same boat as her. I need God to help me with tons of stuff, too. I’ve got irritation and anger issues with my wife, social anxiety, and a whole host of other sins, struggles, and fears. The truth is that we both need God to help us. We are on the same level, and we will be till the day we die. That is the lot of all of us Christians. We’re all at the same level: needy, poor, blind, fully dependent and in need of God to rescue, redeem and help us.

We never rise from this condition. We’re always going to have sins we’re struggling with—even if God has helped us with many others, and we’ll always need him to keep us from even the things he’s helped us with thus far.

On top of our sins, we’ll always have suffering and trials of various kinds that we’ll be facing in our lives—the rest of our lives. That’s how it is in this fallen world. Everyone is facing these things. Everyone!

What’s wrong is acting as if nothing is wrong in our own lives and acting as though absolutely everything is just great. We all have tons of sin no matter how many sins God has helped us overcome, and we all have real suffering, struggles, and trials of many kinds that we are always going through in this fallen world. If we say or act otherwise, we are only lying. It could be that we’re not fully aware of it, but that is our estate.

Thus, we should never be saying, “God is going to help you.” Instead we should be saying, “God is going to help us.” We need God to help us with all our problems. We both have them, and we always will have them until the afterlife when God ends all pain, suffering, sorrows, and tears.

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