Time Management Made Easy

The video at the bottom by Paul Washer entitled “Paul Washer on Being Busy” has been the most helpful I’ve read on time management. It’s about making time for what’s important and not worrying about anything else. Mr. Washer implies that these things are most important in our lives and what we should make sure we do everyday, and not worry so much about anything else:

  1. Relationship with God (Prayer and Time in the Word)
  2. Relationship with Wife & Family (Kids)
  3. Relationships with Brothers and Sisters in Christ
  4. Relationships with the Lost
  5. Work

If we do all those things and don’t have time for anything else that’s okay, and it’s not too hard to fit those things in if you throw away everything else. We can go to bed at peace so long as we’ve done these things with our day, regardless of whether or not we’ve had any “downtime.” Here’s the video below.

Paul Washer On Being Busy

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