6 Reasons to Schedule Your Workout in the Morning

There’s a lot of planning that can go into a workout itself, but another part of our planning has to do with when we are going to work out. In order to stick with our workouts, we’re going to have to have a plan and stick to it. So where do we pencil in our exercise routine on our calendar? Do we schedule it before work, on our lunch break, after work or right before bed? When you’re putting together your weekly schedule it can often be hard trying to decide exactly how to pencil in our workouts into our busy schedule. What will work best? If you find yourself asking that question, here’s a list of 6 reasons it may be best to schedule your workout in the morning before work.

  1. You Won’t Have It Hanging Over Your Head All Day- If you haven’t gotten your workout in first thing in the day, you’ll have it hanging over your head all day knowing you need to get a workout in after you get off work which can be stressful.
  2. You’ll Go through Your Work Day In a Better Mood- In addition, to the benefit of having your workout knocked at the beginning of your day, which will make you happier during your workday, working out is a natural stress reliever in and of itself. Not only does it relieve stress, but endorphins are also released in your body that are proven to boost your mood. Wouldn’t it be better to get a boost before you go into a hard day of work rather than after its over?
  3. You Won’t Miss Out on Social Activities- If you workout before work, immediately after work you’ll be available for socializing with your spouse, family and friends. If you wait to workout after work, you may miss dinner with your family or you may not be able to go to a bible study or hangout with friends.
  4. You’ll Only Have to Shower Once- If you wait till later in the day to workout, you’ll have to take two showers. By working out first thing in the morning not only do you save some extra time but you also save a little extra on your water bill. 20-30 extra showers a month can add up.
  5. You’ll Be Able To Get Some Time in The Sun- Getting plenty of time in the sun has been proven to help people with depression. Sunlight is natural mood booster. If you wait to workout after work you may be missing out on getting some time out in the sun, which is good for your mental health.
  6. You’ll Have Something To Look Forward To- It’s easy to get the blues before you go to bed at night, knowing another hard work day is ahead. By working out before work you’ll give yourself something that you may actually look forward to, instead of a knowing you’ll be going straight into a grueling day at the office first thing when you wake up.

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