4 Reasons To Accept Being A Procrastinator

There’s a lot of talk about productivity out there in which we’re told that procrastinating kills productivity, but I’m not so sure about that. Throughout school, I always waited till the last minute to complete a big project, write a paper, or study for a test, and guess what? I made straight A’s, and not only did I make straight A’s, I was also a lot happier and more productive. I never spent an ounce of extra time on schoolwork than was necessary, and therefore, I was able to spend a lot more time on what I was passionate about.

However, in recent years, due to being misinformed by many “productivity experts”,  I’ve found myself going against my inner procrastinator ways, and you know what? It’s been a complete joy killer, and it’s also been counterproductive. For years I’ve been scheduling huge, daily blocks of time to get a project completed. And you know what it’s done? It’s stressed me out, and I’ve wasted a lot of hours sitting around during those blocks of time unable to get a lick of work done. Why? Because I’m a procrastinator at heart. I know that I can just put the project off till the last minute and still get it done so I just end up goofing off during the time I had scheduled to work on it.

Procrastinating simply makes life easier or me, and if you’re reading this post, I bet the same is true for you.  If you’re like me, and deep down you have the heart of a procrastinator, I’ve listed four reasons below why I believe you should go ahead and embrace your inner procrastinator.

  1. You’ll Be Able to Let Go and Enjoy Today- If you accept the fact that you’re not going to end up studying for your big test till tomorrow, you can stop worrying about it and enjoy today.
  1. You Won’t Waste Time- As a procrastinator, you never have to worry about wasting any time on work unnecessarily. If you always put off doing things till the very last minute, you can rest asssured that no time will ever be  wasted.
  1. You’ll Have More Time to Work on What You Care About- I run a business during the day, but it’s really not my passion. I just do it to pay the bills. If I scheduled unnecessary time to work on my business, I’d be taking time away from the activities in life that I really care about. The same goes for you. Do you have hobbies and passions that you enjoy, but you don’t really care too much about your day job? If so, don’t spend any more time than you have to on it.
  1. You Won’t Be an Uptight Perfectionist- Have you ever noticed those people who are way too into their job to the point that they seem to be out of touch with reality. They invest an unhealthy amount of time into their work, and they act as if they are working at the Pentagon, even though they’re just working for a company the world could do just fine without. My point here is that being a perfectionist and too into your job is absurd. Most jobs really don’t matter that much. That’s just the truth. By deciding to just do what needs to be done–no more and no less, not only are you embracing your inner procrastinator, but you’re also embracing sanity and a happier life.

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